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karaoke_300With so many singing lesson products on the internet today, how do you know which one to buy?  Are some products better than others?

Here at Singing Lessons Now, we have taken the guess work out for you by reviewing the top singing products on the internet today.  While many products promise to have you singing like a pro in a matter of months, weeks or even days, only a few of these products actually deliver and provide real value for your money.  Don't be fooled by promises to sing like Celine Dion or Pavarotti in as little as a week. Good singing, like any sport or activity, only improves with a good coach and tons of practice, practice and more practice.

1. Sing Like a Star

Of couse our top pick is none other than our own featured FREE 5-week Singing Lesson course "Sing Like A Star" featuring Rock Diva Lisa Smith. A professionally trained and accomplished Opera singer with the Royal Conservatory, Lisa Smith has been singing professionally for many years and is becoming known across the globe for her original hard rock music.  These lessons are short, sweet, and really pack a punch with valuable tips you can use today, to improve your singing immediately!  The best part is – it's absolutely FREE! Sign up today!     

2.     Singorama

Discover Precisely How to Sing with a Full Vocal Range, Hitting Notes with Professional Precision in less than 3 months. Singorama features 28 audio lessons, cool music software for your computer, PLUS tons of other great giveaways and product features.  If you're looking for a great product that can help you improve your singing; land the leading role, sing along better at parties, improve your range, or even if it's to try something new, this product delivers better than any other!

3.     Pitch Master Pro – Ear Training Software

Ever wonder how some people have the ability to hit the right notes all the time? Now you can too with this ear training software. You'll learn all the secrets, like how to hear the notes properly and how to sing the notes you hear in your head. They also offer free software and a fabulous newsletter full of tips and tricks to help you improve immediately.      4.     The Pure Pitch Method Learn The Secret Method of Pitch Recognition that allowed a 16 year old teen to master absolute pitch and relative pitch in less than 6 weeks.  For serious singers, this course provides the technical expertise you'll need to take your singing to a whole new level – level of pitch that is! Learn what the masters already know and improve your singing skills today!


Sign-up Today for 5 FREE Video Singing Lessons, featuring Lisa Smith.


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