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A great way to learn to sing is by singing karaoke. There are karaoke players you can by that are relatively inexpensive or you can attend a ‘karaoke’ party, usually at a legion hall or local pub.  With karaoke, the karaoke jockie or host (also called a “KJ”) will have a book with all the songs you can sing. You look through the book until you find a song you want to sing, then you write it down on a slip of paper and hand it back to the KJ. When he calls you up to sing, the music will play and the lyrics (song words) will show up on a television or computer monitor. You just sing along!

karaoke singing

Karaoke is a great way to get used to singing in front of people. As a KJ myself, I know many who started off singing karaoke and have gone on to form bands and sing at events – like weddings, even shopping malls. It is also a fun, social activity to do with friends. There are many bars that sell food, which means children under 19 yrs old can attend if they are accompanied by an adult and order food from the menu. They can usually stay and sing as long as the kitchen is still serving food – typically 11pm or 12 midnight. The KJ will let each person sine 1 song – this is called “a rotation”. Once everyone has had a chance to sing, they will go back to the beginning of the list and start again, allowing each person to sing a second song. You can sing anywhere from 2-4 songs on a typical karaoke night at a bar or pub – of course this will vary, depending on how popular the host is, how busy the bar is and how many singers there are that want to sing.
Whether you sing at home or at a bar, singing karaoke can be a fun way to practise new songs, try new musical genres, and have some fun with your friends. Even if you can’t sing, a night of karaoke can be a lot of fun! Try it!If you prefer, you can purchase a karaoke machine and karaoke cds to sing at home. Some of these home karaoke machines are stand alone models, while others hook up to your computer or television. Singing karaoke from home allows you to practise new songs in private and have as many turns as you want, without having to wait your turn.

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